You Decide?


We realize there are other guide schools out there, take some time to look at your career path; you need to think about your goals and what you really want to hunt, where you one day might want to guide and what kind of outfits you are going to want to work at.  Do you want to be a southern deer guide or would you rather be a mountain man sheep guide?  Horseback? Backpack/ Boat? If you had the opportunity, you know which you would choose in a heartbeat. Pssst… sheep ribs cooking over a campfire unbelievable!

Give us a call we look forward to talking with you to assist you in this important decision.  We have the experience and the connections throughout Northern BC, Yukon and Northwest Territories to help you with future employment opportunities. The outfitting world is small; many of these outfitters know us well and would welcome a student who completed our school program under our recommendation or reference.