When you dream of hunting, wrangling horses, guiding or one day maybe being an outfitter ask yourself where you would want to go on that exact guided ‘Dream Hunt’, fly in by floatplane go by horseback or backpack into untouched wilderness for a chance on a beautiful Dall Sheep, monster Yukon Alaska species’ moose and maybe come face to face with a big ol’ blond Grizzly where would you want to go? 

Why do world-class hunters travel to the Yukon to come on their ‘Hunt of a Lifetime’?

The Yukon Territory is North America’s literally ‘Last Frontier’ it has a low population base an enormous land mass with plenty of world class wildlife wandering the vast countryside…. There is no other hunting guide school that offers an ‘unplugged’ classroom environment in exceptional pristine wilderness.  Why not give it a try?  This could be the opportunity you were waiting for to help you decide if guiding is in your career path or simply something completely new, challenging, adventurous and a great way to learn and see the backcountry of the Yukon.  

Travelling to the Yukon is very affordable as we are only 2 hours by air from Vancouver, Edmonton or Calgary.  We have 3 major airlines with 5 -6 flights daily.  Once you get to Whitehorse you are set!

We are working hard, committed and with your 100% full out participation to making Yukon Guide School the most reputable top hunting school in North America.  Guaranteed by the end of the program you will know if your dream of being a’ Big Game Hunting Guide’ is in your boots or not…

Other reason’s to consider Yukon Guide School:

  • Instructor – knowledge, experience, professional
  • Program size – small student/ instructor ratio
  • Quality of Service – professionalism, values, business model
  • Safety / Risk Management - top priority, experienced competent staff, professionalism, first aid certifications, risk management practices
  • Education & Curriculum - experieintal learn by actually doing it, provide leadership roles, interactive teaching style, small group/ size, manageable content, value/ cost, fun
  • Industry Leader – established operational  business, involved w/ industry associations, org's,  gov't ,  instructor(s) work as guides or in industry when not teaching, 
  • Equipment – top of the line, proven gear tested, proper storage and use, safety reviewed
  • Social & Environmental Commitment - education of environment, values, responsibilities, challenges & impacts, protection & preservation, regulations
  • Permitting and licensing – good operational requirements, up to date, good standing
  • Outcome – increase training, standardization of skills, support of  industry, successful career development

Check out Our curriculum for more information about what Yukon Guide School can offer.