Our Curriculum


Yukon Guide School has developed a unique curricular model for education and organization over the past years which we believe covers the basics of guiding specifically for the big game hunting industry.

We are very excited to now offer our program and expertise through the Yukon Guide School’s curriculum which allows students to experience a powerful set of outdoor skills that will provide them with understanding the world of guiding and the environment. 

This intensive 21 day training provides a starting foundation of safe, practical outdoor and leadership skills and competencies.  The ‘days’ are long as we have 24 hour daylight to take advantage of being in the outdoors so be prepared when on the trail classes do not have a typical day of 8-5.  We want you to experience the profession as what typical days on the job would be like during ‘hunting season’ for an outfitter.  This is why we refer to the term ‘Real School, Real Life’.

Our instructors guide students in field studies ranging from wildlife hunting techniques to medicinal plant preparations to wilderness survival. We realize there is a lot of information that will be covered in a relatively short amount of time we don’t expect you to remember everything but through experiential learning you will have a better chance of remembering more with repetition from time to time.  Students come away with a strong foundation of knowledge and the ability to apply these outdoor skills in their personal and professional lives.

Our basic core curriculum has over 300 hours of training and instructional time which  allows participants to have various levels of introduction and the opportunity to hone their skills in the following areas:

  • Guiding profession  - what does entail?
  • Horsemanship/ packing techniques/ basic foot care
  • Supplies / Gear / Equipment
  • Basic Trophy Care
  • Basic Field dressing
  • Meat Handling techniques / requirements
  • Wilderness Survival and safety
  • Client Care
  • Risk Management
  • Camp Organization
  • Camp Cooking
  • Environment Regulations
  • Firearms / Archery / Safety

Participants will leave the program with as stronger knowledge base and increased comfort and confidence levels in their guiding and horse wrangling abilities.

The class size will be a maximum of 8 students. 

Class Schedule – Our class size is small and manageable which means the ability to work individually, in partners or as a group.   Our schedule has to incorporate some flexibility as we will have some long days depending on what we are doing especially mobilizing to trails with horses and pack trains, climbing sheep country, and building and tear down of spike camps.  We will have a coffee break when we think we need a break and we will learn when there is work to be done.  We have to factor in student abilities, weather conditions and unexpected learning opportunities.    Some days will be shorter to give you time to catch up on laundry, other duties and some down time to enjoy the outdoors.

Progress Reports - Participants will have regular feedback from the instructor.  Please take the time to think about what the instructor has told you and feel free to ask for clarification and/ or questions.  Reports are for your benefit to make sure you are on the right track as safety is key in the guiding industry,