Graduates have employment opportunities with other Yukon outfitters.  We know all the outfitters well and they are willing to work with us to find placement for students and hopefully continue your training with a season of work ahead for you.

Yukon hunting season with outfitters runs typically from middle part of July with camp preparations, then trail/ fly ins and clients start arriving to sheep hunt on August 1.  Most outfitters operate until the end of September and all the way up to the middle of October.  These dates vary depending where the concession area is located and the logistics of the areas with horses, airplanes or boats.  Northwest Territories start there sheep hunting in the middle of July and are typically wrapped up by end of September. 

Please note it takes several years to become a good hunting guide.  Most outfitters will hire you on as a horse wrangler or assistant packer so you can continue learning about guiding with on the job experiences.  Everyone has to start somewhere!  Stick with it and a couple years down the road you will start taking some moose & caribou hunters out then working your way up to sheep. 

Be patient you will be guiding before you know it!  It is definitely worth the wait and you will slowly discover the unique life that goes along with it as well.