David Dickson – Owner/ Head Instructor - Born and raised in the Yukon, Dave has always been deeply involved in the world of guiding, outfitting and the adventurous backcountry that he calls home.  He was immersed in the field at a very young age when his father owned and operated an outfitting area for many years which was started by his grandfather, Thomas Dickson prior to that.  Dickson Outfitters Ltd. is the oldest established licensed outfitting company in the Yukon if not in Canada.  The company was established in the early 1900’s with many other family members owning and working in the outfitting industry as well.  The Dickson family is very well-known and highly respected for their contributions to the industry here in the Yukon.

Over the years, Dave learned many skills from fellow crew or trial and error which was definitely valuable and needed in order to be an exceptional big game hunting guide in the rugged, unforgiving Yukon mountains.  Dave is most at home in the outdoors with his horses and the quietness of the wilderness surrounding him.  He has been studying, working and teaching for over 35 years and discovered at a young age that guiding and outfitting were his true passions for life. 

For Dave being in the outdoors, living healthy and sharing Yukon’s pristine environment with a few fortunate select people from around the world is more than a rewarding career it is something Dave and his family love to do. They all learn from it every time they are out there in the mountains and do not take it for granted but rather feel fortunate as his clients did when they traveled with him. Definitely there are times when Dave can put the job and career aside and reflect on the simple fact that it always takes a lot of hard work to adventure whether it be recreational or work related.

Dave is also an accomplished horseman, trapper, pilot, log builder, Jack of all trades and a proud father of two children (Teah 20, Thomas 16) who work alongside with him as well.  Many of his teachings and patience is shared with his family as they enjoy spending time adventuring in the outdoors.   He believes whole heartedly in the benefits of having a Yukon Guide School and the mountains as your classroom for exceptional experiential learning for anyone who has a desire to learn, work hard and a genuine respect for the environment.  “It will be an experience like no other….”

Invited Guests - The Yukon Guiding School’s busy program will have a number of invited guest instructors who will come in at various times during the course. This will be an excellent time to learn more about the profession through other well respected industry partners and leaders who are more than willing to share their stories, trials and tribulations, personal experiences and knowledge about guiding, hunting, horsemanship, wildlife conservation, environment, and of course the enforcement legal side of things.  This will be a great time to have a coffee, ask questions, enjoy a laugh or two to renew your energy between field work and trail time.