Giving Opportunities


Something to think about….Keep the guiding and outfitting industry alive…..Yes, you can help make a dream a reality for a young person.  Give the gift of hope to someone who wants to come to the Yukon and have an opportunity of a lifetime to participate fully in the Yukon Guide School.   With our low student-to-teacher ratios and phenomenal outdoor classroom for learning, the cost of our tuition does not fully cover all program costs. A donation or contribution is generously appreciated.  If you want to help give a gift of support  to get more young people into the mountains and help realize a dream the school will do everything possible to guide the way for the participant to develop a strong, life-long connection with hunting and the outdoors. 
Any amount of financial aid through donations/ contributions can be made:

  • anonymously
  • in Honor of someone
  • on Behalf of someone
  • in Memory of someone

i.e. past outfitter, guide, business supporter, hunting client etc. OR sponsor one spot for future student who needs financial assistance to go into the program.  We can send a dedication acknowledgement request.  We keep a list of eligible applicants who expressed a sincere interest in the program but are financially unable to participate.

We appreciate your support!