When should I apply?

Yukon Guide School accepts applications year round.  Remember that applying earlier gives you a better chance of getting a spot in the program.

What skills and prerequisites do I need for this program?

You should have a keen desire to learn about hunting and the outdoors.  Common sense and a good attitude towards learning and hard work!  Being in good physical shape and living a healthy life will help you a lot.

What certification do I get from this program?

You will receive a certificate upon completion of program with a written report which will be individually reviewed with you.  There is no formal government or college certification for this program however,  we strongly believe the best possible certification is learning from a school who knows what needs to be really taught in our industry not what we are told we have to teach.  Hunting guide schools should be privately run and supported by the industry,   Yukon Guide School is widely recognized for being a well established professional organization in the outfitting industry throughout northern Canada.  Hopefully, successful completion of the program will lead to meaningful further training employment opportunties with other northern outfitters.

Who or what kind of people should sign up for this program?

People who love to hunt! People who want to be outdoors! If you like hard work, long days and not scared of adventure guiding is a great profession for folks of all ages.  A keen desire to learn and have common sense about being in the backcountry for extended periods of time. People who want to challenge themselves and want to learn more about hunting and horses but might not want to guide this is a great place to learn for yourself as well as helping others.

Great opportunity for young people coming out of high school.  Also, people who have started horse wrangling or introduced to guiding other smaller game species ie. deer, elk black bear come and experience moose and sheep.

Great for people to travel and see the backcountry of the Yukon for 21 days.

How old do you have to be to participate in program?

You must be 17 years old by the start date of the program.

If I have my own saddle can I bring it?

Yes, you can bring your own saddle, we will do a check over on it to make sure it is ready or good for the mountains.

What is the average temperatures in the Yukon during the program?

June and July are typically +15 - +25C and fairly dry.  We have 24 hour daylight which takes some getting use to but you can also get a lot done with all the daylight.

When we have rain it typically will last 1-2 days. Yes, we have mosquitoes that you will get use to and is all part of working and learning in the outdoors.

Do I have to have previous horse experience?

No, you do not.  But you have to make sure you are not allergic to horses and have a willingness to learn about them.  Many guiding jobs involve horses and you will soon find out how handy they are to have in the backcountry when you are hunting.