What can YOU expect when YOU sign up for OUR Yukon Guide School?

Every session of Yukon Guide School training is different.  Just as we cannot predict the exact weather conditions that your session will experience we cannot predict exactly what your group will look like, where the participants will come from, and their backgrounds and experiences will be.  This is one of the great things about Yukon Guide School is every session brings something new, you might be farm boy from Saskatchewan, a city kid from Vancouver and maybe some older world traveler from Germany.  Our participants come in all shapes and sizes from all different backgrounds!  And the Yukon summer weather?  There are skills to be learned and fun in all different weather conditions and our 24 hour daylight.  Welcome to the ‘Land of the Midnight Sun’.

Yukon Guide School training is 21 days outdoors.  In some programs you learn about the outdoors from inside a classroom; you talk about hunting, horsemanship and guiding from the comforts of a warm dry classroom.  Not in the Yukon! At Yukon Guide School experiential learning means you will be outdoors on the trail, on the mountain, on a horse and on a learning adventure.

You can expect to laugh have fun and other days you will be completely frustrated.  You can expect to see students help each other in a positive manner as this is the environment we will teach in.  Outfitting has good ol’ country values and is very much like a big family-like setting.  You will leave with everlasting friendships and fond memories for life. 

What can WE expect from YOU when WE agree to sign YOU up for Yukon Guide School?

We are a family run 3rd generation outfit the hunting area and camps we have developed have taken many years to develop with a lot of hard work by our family and crew. With that being said, we want you to know that this is our life and we do not take it for granted we expect students to respect our property, our equipment and of course each other.   You need to want to be there and not on someone else’s terms or conditions when you sign up for an outdoor school in this industry you will find out if this is the career area you want to pursue. 

We want to take people who have positive attitudes, willingness to learn and can be trusted when we are on the trail in the backcountry.   Safety, working as a team and good leadership skills are essential to participating successfully in this program.  Adventure is fun but there is always risk involved when working with our curriculum content in remote locations and this is why we need to ensure we have the right students for our Yukon Guide School. 

There will be no alcohol or drugs permitted during school.  We expect the students to conduct themselves in a polite and professional manner at all times.  This is all expected in the real world on a job site and especially if you are interested in a guiding career.

Once you arrive at the school we expect you to be prepared with your personal gear as you are expected to stay at the ranch. We will be heading out on the trail or move to other remote camps by horseback throughout the program.   We do not have any small towns or convenience stores close by for you to visit or pick up supplies.  Again this prepares you for guiding season where you go to the mountains for 3 months.  Welcome to the Yukon.

Attendance – Students are required to attend ALL the learning sessions daily for the full time allotted.  If a student is sick or injured this is your responsibility to discuss with the instructor so a plan can be arranged if logistics are required.  Any class work missed has to be made up by student on their own time.  Three unacceptable excuses or absences by the student(s) will result in an immediate or arranged dismissal from the program.  Student’s travel arrangements and costs back to Whitehorse (4.0 hour drive) will be their own responsibility and at their own expense. 

Be responsible, accountable and on time not only to yourself but for the rest of your classmates as well.  This goes a long way when you are living in a camp!