The outfitting industry and guiding profession is an old industry that needs to be preserved and recognized in today’s modern world.  Hunting is more than a sport it continues to be a necessity in many parts of our world.  We were born to hunt and provide for our families and community.  Today’s changing world has placed many pressures on hunting and its industry.  All of us need to do our part to ensure opportunities will continue to exist for our industry and on a recreational or subsistence level. 


Currently, there are very limited resources and educational opportunities for people to learn about general hunting, the guiding career and the business industry side available around the world.  We see a need more than ever to offer our knowledge as our world becomes populated with diverse thinking in understanding our natural resources.  Guides and outfitters can continue to offer valuable input and make a positive impact to wildlife conservation.  Professionally trained and experienced people are definitely in high demand for the outfitting industry.


The environment is truly the last frontier where one can be unplugged from the world while you fully absorb the natural environment as it surrounds you.  No distraction from learning while you travel the mountainside on horseback, discover Yukon’s big game and the rewarding healthy life of guiding and all it has to offer…come and give it a try you will discover this industry rich with history and discover yourself in Yukon’s backcountry.