Learn to Guide and Hunt in the Yukon!

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The Mountains of the Yukon…challenge yourself with the top hunting guide school in North America. Take advantage of the learning opportunities at one of the most scenic classrooms in the world.  Where we have been outfitting industry leaders' offering the finest hunting and guided adventures since the early 1900's and now have the reputation to be world class.  Yukon's hunting grounds are renowned  for Dall and Stone Sheep, Yukon/ Alaska Moose, Mountain and Barren Ground Caribou, Black and Grizzly Bears and many other small species of animals.

Our first class wildlife management systems have proven to be one of the best in North America.  The outfitting industry values our natural resources the land and its animals.  With that being said…it is time the Yukon opens it’s doors to offer an incredible outdoor classroom where the best experiential hands-on learning can take place in Yukon’s pristine wilderness. We need participant’s hard work, determination along with our experience, commitment and, of course, our fantastic location to make this the ‘Top Hunting Guide School in North America ‘.

Contact us now to apply and complete the registration process. We hope a seat can be reserved for you to start your dream set for the upcoming season with Yukon Guide School at 1.867.633.5456 or 1.867.333.0475 cell or text.

Our Goal:

To deliver a top quality North American guide school program in Canada’s remote Yukon Territory exclusively focusing on big game hunting and guiding for all student’s to participate through hands on practical outdoor experiential learning in pristine wilderness backcountry.


We Value:

  • The Environment
  • Safety
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Teamwork



Our Objectives:

  • To provide a positive, safe hands-on learning environment in the Yukon outdoors for all students.
  • To introduce and expand student’s knowledge in the field of horse wrangling, guiding, hunting and outfitting industry.
  • To be able to teach students about the importance of northern Canada's natural resources.
  • To provide students with knowledge about possible future employment opportunities.
  • To have student’s respect and support each other’s learning in a team environment.
  • To have the ability and understanding from students to adapt the program based on the student’s needs and abilities.
  • To promote and deliver the school program where student’s want to have a desire to learn and gain enthusiasm for adventure.

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